Hi, my name is Kelsey and I live on toe shoes and chia seeds.

I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, but have spent the last 5 years in the USA, studying and working.

I was an member of my high school's executive council, as well as a judicial member and valedictorian, achieving 9 distinctions. I attended New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, achieving my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) magna cum laude in 2017. I specialized in Animation, though my BFA is in Film & TV. I achieved two minors, one in Math & Computer Science and another in Web Development & Application, during my time there.

After graduation I moved to Los Angeles where I worked on the Emmy Award winning show "Tumbleleaf" as a VFX artist, working with many industry leaders and professionals. I take a zealous interest in Stop Motion fabrication, Augmented Reality, 3D Character Animation, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects.

Along with running and yoga, I'm obsessively passionate about sustainable living in all aspects and take a curious interest in off-the-grid living. I create all my consumable projects from scratch (e.g. toiletries, laundry products) in a way that works sustainably. I have a small handcrafted soap startup business.

I'm an art junkie with an unhealthy obsession for sloths, persian cats and english bulldogs. When I'm not being confused for a Brit or Aussie, I'm trying hard to bring a little African flavour to those around me.